The Jerusalem Post - 8 Nov 2019

Table of content - The Jerusalem Post (8 Nov 2019)

Israel to lose Naharayim, Tzofar to Jordan on Sunday
Around the world in 196 marathons
Rabbinical court retroactively invalidates decade-old conversion
450 terror attacks stopped this year
Israel invests less in healthcare than most OECD countries
Pompeo in Halle: World must combat antisemitism
A ghost town
A Sanders presidency?
First female artillery unit commander named
‘White House was right about UNRWA’s corruption’
Ma’alot Tarshiha mayor cancels screening of controversial film
Blue and White, Yisrael Beytenu talks advance
Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline to pay NIS 100m. for oil spill
Netanyahu: IAEA confirmed Iran lied about nukes
Labour’s Chris Williamson blames Israel for interfering in UK
In Berlin, Herzog marks 81 years since Kristallnacht
Breakaway Gerrer community claims expulsion and harassment of pupils
Yair Netanyahu claims he receives daily death threats
In Israel, more women diagnosed with lung cancer each year
US State Dept. hopes Turkey will help with Iran
UN slams bleeding Iraqi protesters for closing roads
30 years after, Western order faces new strains
Iran: commercial shipping routes in Red Sea unsafe
Hamas bans rally to commemorate Yasser Arafat
PM advisers appeal police phone hack
A hoops journey: Eilat to Toronto to Spain
Liverpool senses opportunity to leave City in its wake
New face at the top as Patriots plummet after 1st defeat
Spurs close in on last-16; PSG into knockout stage
Roger Hodgson takes the long way home
Master classes from ‘Homeland’ casting director
Iron Maiden to melt Tel Aviv
Docaviv Galilee shows the best films in beautiful setting
A ghost town full of restless spirits
It’s Naftali Bennett’s moment
The Berlin Wall and the limits of redemption
What would a Sanders presidency mean for Israel?
Israel-Jordan peace needs warming up
What would a Sanders presidency mean for Israel?
Banging heads with the world
Bad medicine
What to do about antisemitism?
The limits of redemption
Seeing with your ears
Should an expected inheritance be a plan?
How did WeWork fail so spectacularly in an amazing market?
World Bank pats Israel on the back, but...
Israel-Jordan peace needs warming up
Antisemitism in Ukraine?
Lessons from the World Series champions
Government initiative to combat violence will not succeed without ministries on board
The US disconnect in Syria
Explaining interests in eastern Syria
Thankfully, Stephen Harper and others are there to defend Israel against antisemitic and anti-Israel agitation
The Waldorf walk
When dates with history are lost in cyberspace
Naftali Bennett’s moment
Defending Israel’s justice minister

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